The "OCTA-TETRA Construction Set"
     A hands-on, low-tech, geometric construction set teaching 3-D geometry, design principles, the discovery process, manual dexterity, and more and more. It is designed for kids of about 10-11 years old and on upwards.
     OCTA-TETRA made its official debut at the "Rethinking Education Conference" in Dallas on May 28-31, 2004. Hundreds saw the spectacular OCTA-TETRA demonstration model as it developed there in the lobby of the Harvey Hotel in Irving, Texas. One after another, first they said, "Wow!"; and then after a closer look, they said, "Cool!"
     More recently, I was at the "CHN Family Expo" in Riverside, California on June10-11, 2005, leading an OCTA-TETRA activity for teens and pre-teens. My "OCTA-TETRA Construction Set" had made the front cover of the April/May issue of CHN Magazine, and OCTA-TETRA was a big hit at the Expo with kids building models non-stop over the course of the 2-day event.
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     Come along with me as I proceed by trial and error, finding out what will work or not work, making the impossible to be possible. Who would think one could make cutting-edge discoveries in today's hi-tech world using only paper and paper clips?
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