Uncle Dan's Algebra
"It sure helps to have a teacher!"
Master a year's worth of Algebra in a fraction of the time!
12 two-hour videotapes containing 24 hours of clear, concise teaching. Now available on DVD for same, low price.
180-page printable Workbook on CD. (I will e-mail the "Workbook" file for FREE to all who request it. Just e-mail me and ask.)
180-page printable Solution Key on CD
Demonstrations and Practice
Quizzes and Tests
Step-by-step solutions
Only $109.00 for the whole course, including shipping!
What people say about Uncle Dan's Algebra...
    HOT NEWS: October 1, 2006: "Uncle Dan's Algebra" has been reviewed by Kris Price of "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine". The review will eventually be up on the TOS site, but now is accessible on Kris' "Homeschool Blogger". Kris says:
    "When reviewing a product, I try to find things that need improving because no curriculum is perfect. However, I honestly can't find many 'problems' with this product…. I love the simplicity of Uncle Dan's Algebra…. Trust me, I'm all for simple, especially when it comes to teaching my ADHD/Asperger's son. Programs that explain concepts clearly and simply work the best for him…"
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    COOL NEWS: October 2003: "Uncle Dan's Algebra" has been reviewed by Cindy Prechtel of "Home Schooling from the Heart." Cindy says:
    "While some courses move too fast or present too many concepts at once, Uncle Dan has done a fantastic job putting together a program that is 'just right'... Like having a seasoned math teacher come to your home..."
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    From Sandy KC of "Learning-Abled Kids": If you are looking for a low-cost, complete, Algebra solution, "Uncle Dan's Algebra" may suit your needs… Costs a fraction of the price of many other programs offering complete videos and text… Uses incremental steps that are well explained by Dan in the videos… His slow speech provides ample processing time for kids who process information slowly, particularly those with auditory processing issues… Instructions are specific on the videos, leaving no doubt about when to stop the tape (DVD) to work problems…
    The (Workbook and Solution Key) texts are "print-it-yourself" documents on CD and are straightforward and uncluttered, providing practice problems, quizzes, and tests… Dan will send anyone a FREE copy of the Algebra Workbook file via email attachment…
    You get video lessons that are as good as any… It's a good package for the money, but nothing fancy at all… "Uncle Dan's Algebra" is "Homespun", not a commercially published program in that there is no fancy packaging or DVD labels, etc… Dan copies the DVD's himself, labels them, and ships them, keeping the price low. It's a one-man operation… Dan will answer your questions by e-mail, probably making him one of the more reachable producers of such a package.
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Uncle Dan's Algebra is a complete and self-contained Algebra I course. All the instruction is on the videos, just like having Uncle Dan in your home teaching the class. All the practice problems are in the Workbook, which can be printed from the CD. All the solutions to the problems, quizzes and tests are in the Solution Key, which is also on the CD. You can print pages from the Workbook and Solution Key as you need them.
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